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Panoramica seminar location during the day, extraordinary event location in the evening.


A multifunctional environment sets new standards regarding flexibility, methodsofnvisualization  and technical infrastructure. Modern AV techniques with native 4K resolutionguaranteeathe  high quality, live stream transmission of telescope images on the big screen. The meeting room was designed tofeature0360-degree  content with a perfect sound system for meetings and events. The AV Studio can produce fitting backgrounds and animations for big screen as well as for a 360 degrees view.

10 ready-made animated backgrounds for the big screen are already at yourdisposal.


Seating options |





Surrounded by nature, the scientific environment of our observatory offers room for meetings with up to 150 participants. The event room’s glass front can be obscured during the day with blinds and opened during breaks. The panorama balconies offer the perfect opportunity to recharge outside with some fresh air. Next to the event room, 3 break-out rooms are available for group projects. The guest terraces can be used during breaks or to welcome participants and partners.


Seminars & Meetings

There is an alluring effect in presenting products and companies in a scientific environment. Through the 4 by 2.8 m gate, even big objects can be brought to the meeting room. With the special AV technique, your message, embedded in images and animations of cosmic space will be effectively and impressively presented and projected.

Jubilees & Gala Dinners

„Top hospitality with a connections to space.“

No matter what your investment in your event might be - you can always count on our full attention!!


In the event room small, beautiful concerts with a chamber orchestra can be organised as well as recitals, piano and soloist concerts.

The connection between breathtaking imagery of our universe and classic music is, in our eyes, a fascinating and exciting way to hold a concert.

Private Events

A special location for special moments with special people!





With our partners we offer a bus, van our limousine service. The car park at Messe Salzburg can serve as a meeting point, with the observatory just a 25 minute ride from there.



For meetings and seminars we offer business buffets as well as coffee break catering. A corresponding menu will soon be available. For events, we highly recommend our catering partner GliQuattri.

However, you of course have the option to bring your own caterer. For a utilisation fee, you will find a  well equipped catering kitchen at your disposal.



With the online programme ALLSEATED we offer an easy and efficient cooperation for managing your participants, ranging from the invitation to the seating with designated menus.

In case your want to check your entrance or sell tickets, we gladly help as a SKEDDA partner!


& flowers

There are many creative suppliers in Salzburg. Decorating a modern location for events is often a challenge - if you are interested in becoming our parter, we look forward to hearing for you!


& artists

The event room is suitable for small, exquisite concerts with a chamber orchestra, soloists, pianists and recitals.

We offer recommendations for musicians and agencies, fitting your requirements.

The room is 5.6 metres which and allows creative staging.



The event room is equipped with modern engineering. In addition we offer professional technicians in cooperation with our partner VTG Veranstaltungstechnik.

One of the reasons for building the observatory was to increase the interest in astronomy. With the booking and organisation of events in the venue we want to  further follow this mission, which is why every activity in the observatory is accompanied with the use of the telescope or a presentation of the observatory creating a unique symbiosis between science and events.



the venue


Up to 150 participants in events, can be distributed over 4 rooms including the event room.

On top of the event room you have access to a roofed balcony with a surface of 100m² for coffee breaks. In good weather, the guest terraces can be used for reception or breaks. Find more on our price sheet for renting the rooms.



The event room is equipped with a flexible stage as well as tables and seating for 150 participants. Media server, 3 projectors and native 4K resolution on big and wide screen are included in our presentation technique. The sound can be adjusted to fit your event’s or seminar’s qualities. Caterers will find a well equipped catering pitching including a cold room.



Every event area is offered byus or our „CHOROS PREFERRED PARTNERS“

However we grasp the importance of long-time partnerships for your events, which is precisely why you decide with our building block system - ranging from the sole rental to a full service event - with whom you want to make your event the most successful it can be!

The observatory lies 800 metres above sea level. The best way to reach it is by bus or car.

Ideally you can use the parking lot at „Kaiserbuche“ and afterwards follow a path and after a short walk the observatory will present itself to you in the most impressive way.


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