With the construction of the VEGA Observatory Haus der Natur, we have pooled our strengths to combine the elements of a scientific building and event location. Naturally the people working in the scientific field have little motivation to warm up to the idea of opening an event location - vice versa event planners have to compromise to make this idea even possible. In the end however it will benefit both parties!

In the following areas we can assist you personally or altogether as collaborative partners or responsible project managers:

process management

You plan on building an observatory or wish to expand your already existing one? What does the process from the idea to the realization actually look like?

Which partners should you cooperate with and how do you inspire them? We want to share our experiences with you!


The special needs of different telescope domes regarding function and design, combined with an event location lead to extraordinary planning and architectural details of the building. Breathtaking architecture for an affordable price, to ensure a certain profitability of the facility is the exciting task of architecture.

Masterpiece VEGA Observatory | berger.hofmann


Observatories lie in poorly lit areas close to conurbation, ideally on hills, also serving as viewing points. All these are requirements that influence the building - or expansion of an observatory, - that is accessible to an audience and events.

AV Technique

A big challenge is the economically fitting integration of presentation techniques. The possibility of transferring large amounts of data fast and with the best possible resolution, needs to be considered depending on the project. Finding the perfect balance for each investment for optimal usage is key!

Theme DEsign

What should an observatory's interior, accessible to visitors, look like? How much theme design is neccessary? The interior design is often compromised due to the focus on scientific equipment. Finding the perfect balance on both sides creates the best experience for your customers!


As many different gastronomic influences as possible should be incorporated. However, you should be aware of the compromises between gastronomy and catering to create the perfect base for marketing.


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